Arthur M. Jolly

If you represent a theatre that would like to stage one of my plays, I am always looking for new productions. If the play has been published, please contact the publisher directly, if it hasn't, feel free to email me at info (at)

If you're an actor seeking a copy of one of my plays for auditions, classes or character research, check if it's been published here. If it is not published, email me and I'll happily send you a copy - I like it when actors do the work. (Which you know if you read my take on monologue context.) If it's been published, shell out a couple of bucks - I need to pay rent too; or check your local library. (Although I do make exceptions on a case by case basis, for financial hardships or non-profit organizations. You can always ask!)

I love speaking to classes and workshops, whether playwrights, screenwriters or actors, feel free to contact me to arrange a speaking engagement.

If you want to read or option my feature screenplays, please contact


Please do NOT contact them for questions regarding monologues or plays.