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Posted May 2015

2015 is off to a great start! Fox Studios just posted my bio and some great photos as part of the Fox Writers Intensive program. YouthPLAYS, Inc just published Bath Time is Fun Time ... and there are some great productions coming up!
Two more of my plays are now available on - Past Curfew and A Gulag Mouse.

BATH TIME IS FUN TIME will be produced May 5th at Hagen Junior High in Dickinson, North Dakota... my first production in that state, followed by another school production in West Linn High School, in West Linn, Oregon.
HOW BLUE IS MY CROCODILE will be performed at Westbrook Middle School in West Brook, Maine on May 21st. That's my first production in Maine.. I think only one or two states left!

I will be making a PERSONAL APPEARANCE reading from my play LONG JOAN SILVER as part of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwright's IN OUR OWN VOICES play readings at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade's Barnes and Noble on Sunday, May 11th, 2-4pm.

ALAP In Our Own Voices 2015

A VERY MODERN MARRIAGE will be have its world premiere in June at the LOS ANGELES FRINGE FESTIVAL. Produced by WILL PLAY FOR FOOD theatre company. The Fringe Festival runs June 11th through 28th, 2015.

A Very Modern Marriage

And A VERY MODERN MARRIAGE will also be produced in Ashland, Oregon courtesy of Thanks for the Memories Theatre Company July 10th through 26th, 2015, at 1287 Oak St. Ashland, Oregon.

A Very Modern Marriage

THE FOUR SENSES OF LOVE will be part of PLAYZAPALOOZA 2015 June 12th through the 28th, 2015 at the Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 South Seventh Street Santa Paula, CA 93060.

The Four Senses of Love

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