Playscripts by Arthur M. Jolly

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TRASH (2F) drama. Winner of the 2011/2012 Joining Sword and Pen competition, Semi-finalist for the 2012 O'Neill Playwrights Conference, LFTC 2012 Selection.
Published by Next Stage Press.
In TRASH, two estranged sisters clash when they attempt to recover their mother's dying message - a letter that has been thrown out with the trash and now resides in a municipal dump
A Gulag Mouse
A Gulag Mouse (1M, 5F) drama. Winner 2009/2010 Joining Sword and Pen Competition, 2010 Off Broadway! competition, Finalist 2010 Woodward/Newman Drama Award.
Published by Next Stage Press.
A woman's arrival at a Siberian Gulag destroys the intricate web of hierarchy, alliance and treachery among the other four inmates of her bunkhouse.
A Gulag Mouse
Past Curfew Past Curfew (1M,2F) drama.2008 AOPW Fellowship Winner
Published by Next Stage Press.
Years of bitter conflicts erupt as a single mother and her teenage daughter confront the unspoken issues between them in a night of vicious headgames.
Past Curfew
The Christmas Princess (4-5+ M,4-8+ F) children's play
Published by YouthPLAYS.
A new fairy tale for all ages - a spoiled Princess must find three magical christmas gifts for her parents if she is to escape an arranged marriage to the world's stupidest Prince.
The Christmas Princess

A Very Modern Marriage

A Very Modern Marriage (2M, 1F) comedy. Selected for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Semi Finalist for the 2013 Eugene O'Neill Theatre Conference, top ten finalist for the nuVoices for a nuGeneration New Play Festival.
Matthew and Tina's marriage is already on the rocks when Tina's friend Christopher moves in with a secret agenda to get Tina out of the picture and steal Matt's heart once and for all.

Long Joan Silver
Long Joan Silver (6-15 M, 8-20 F) comedy.
Published by YouthPLAYS.
Long Joan Silver and her all-female crew take on discrimination and inequality as well as Squire Trelawney, Jim Hawkins and all the regular characters in this hysterical new version of the classic adventure story Treasure Island.
Long Joan Silver


Almost Christmas (2M, 1F) drama
A bartender tries to get money from her new boss and a cantankerous regular customer to fund a trip to kill her father. Merry Christmas!
Published by Next Stage Press as part of an evening of one acts titled THIN LINES.
Thin Lines
Bailing Out (1M, 1F) serio-comic
A fisherman with a troubled past reveals the secret of life to a jaded nurse in a hospice.
Published by Next Stage Press as part of an evening of one acts titled THIN LINES.
Thin Lines
Courtin' in Georgia (2M,1F) comedy
A reinterpretation of Anton Chekhov's The Proposal, set in the south of the U.S.
A frail hypochondriac tries to ask his neighbor's headstrong daughter to marry him in spite of a long history of rivalry between their families.
A Grain of Salt (1M) serio-comic
A salt gatherer battles loneliness while scraping away at the narrow boundary between the sea and the land, and between civilization and isolation.
Published by Next Stage Press as part of an evening of one acts titled GLOBETROTTING.
Thin Lines
Straw, Sticks, Bricks
Straw, Sticks, Bricks (6-9 E) comedy musical. An official selection of the 2015 Last Frontier Theatre Conference.
The three building materials from the classic fairytale get their own story in this brand new take on The Three Little Pigs.
Mopping the Stage  Download this one for free!
A writer mops a stage in preparation for a play - while discussing his choices to become an instructor pilot for the U.S. Army at the start of the Iraq War, and his decision to quit to become a writer. And mop stages.
free download
Thicker than Water. (1M, 1F) drama
A young couple cope with love, a possible pregnancy... and an inexplicable puddle of blood.
Published by Next Stage Press as part of an evening of one acts titled THIN LINES.
Thin Lines


After It's All Over (2M, 1F) surreal comedy
Available from Original Works Online.
A nuclear family in a post-nuclear age struggles to accept the son's decision to go into a completely one-sided battle.
Guilty Moments
Bang! (1F,2M) comedy
A jealous husband shoots his wife's ex-boyfriend before the curtain even rises in this surprising comedy.
Bath Time is Fun Time. (4 Either) comedy
Available from YouthPLAYS. Four bath toys face an existential crisis - they hate water!
Easily castable, family friendly... I wrote this play as a children's play, and found myself getting deeper into the angst of these poor inanimate objects questioning their entire existence.
Bath Time is Fun Time
Better by Candlelight (1M, 1F) drama
Available from Original Works Online.
A widower relives the anniversary of his wife's death with a role-playing prostitute.
Guilty Moments
Christmas Spirit (2 M, 3F) comedy
A hitchhiking maniac and dead bodies in the fountain conspire to ruin the perfect family christmas.
The CoPilot (1 M, 1F) comedy
A college dropout and her professional "road trip copilot" must survive a hungry bear after their car goes into a ditch.
Every Battle, Every War (4M) comedy
Available from Original Works Online.
Four soldiers in a trench in World War One find more to fight about with each other than with the enemy.
Guilty Moments
The Bricklayer (1M) drama Download this one for free!
A bricklayer talks to his son about the the importance of making each brick square and true, the importance of the big picture, of small parts playing roles in larger issues... as he builds an industrial chimney in a concentration camp.
free download
Childish Things (2F,2M) drama
A man facing a terminal illness tries to reconcile with his daughter with the help of two of her childhood toys.
Doing the Math (1F) drama Download this one for free!
A hyper intelligent girl - borderline Asperger's Syndrome - discovers her father may not be the man she thought.
This play won the 2012 MonoSlam Competition at the Secret Rose Theatre, Los Angeles.
free download
Fallen to the Communists (1F,1M) comedy
Awkward humor abounds when a widower tries to cope with his 12 year old daughter's first period.
The Fine Print (1M, 1U) serio-comic
Available from Original Works Online.
An extremely persuasive devil convinces an uptight engineer to build a diabolical electrical circuit for a new weapons system.
Guilty Moments
The Four Senses of Love (1M, 1F) off-beat comedy.
Available from Smith & Kraus.
A man with no feelings falls for a woman with no taste at a support group for the sensory deprived.
Best Ten minute Plays of 2012
How Blue is My Crocodile (2F) serio-comic
Available from YouthPLAYS.
Two young girls play fantastical games while waiting for their wounded father to return from a tour of duty.
How Blue is my Crocodile
Howie's Last Words (1M, 1F) drama
Available from Original Works Online.
A stuntman, home late after a fire stunt that went disastrously wrong, confronts the wife who wants him to quit.
Guilty Moments
If You Could Go Back... (3 M or F) comedy
Life, death, violence, Adolf Hitler, assassination, living in Mom's basement... you know - a comedy.
Moby (No Last Name Given) (3-4F,1-2M) comedy with music
Available from YouthPLAYS.

A high speed musical version of Herman Melville's classic "Moby Dick".
Moby (No Last Name Given)
Past Saturn (2F,2M,1E) serio-comic
A couple whose marriage is on the rocks meet a couple with an embarrassing secret on Alaska's "Planet Walk" hike, in the face of an approaching blizzard. Throw in a pair of sandals and an unhelpful park ranger... what could go wrong?
Published by Next Stage Press as part of an evening of one acts titled AWESOME AMERICA.
Past Saturn
Of Rats and Men (3F or 2F,1M) serio-comic
What's worse - a dead rat in the toilet or a dead husband in the kitchen? Is there a difference?
The Secret of Jarlsberg (1F,1M) comedy
A young couple fight over money, responsibility and the world's most perfect fondue.
This play includes my secret recipe. Don't tell anyone.
Snakes in a Lunchbox (3F or 2F,1M) serio-comic
Available from YouthPLAYS.
When Carly and Georgia team up to get the best revenge in the history of ever against the school bully who steals their lunch, they're not prepared for what happens - to them, to the bully, or to the dangerous snake they have hidden in a lunchbox.
Suitable for Middle School students and TYA
Snakes in a Lunchbox
Tiger in a Cage (1M, 1F) drama
Available from Original Works Online.
A female psychiatrist gets trapped in a jail cell with a former patient - a recidivist sex offender.
Guilty Moments
Uncle Yahya Ruins the Wedding (2 M, 2F, 1 any) political comedy
A pre-wedding nervous couple deal with a meddling mother-in-law who's done the unthinkable - invited Uncle Yahya, a political extremist. It's a funny farce until the final moments, when we discover this is all taking place in Afghanistan, and Yahya's presence will provoke a drone strike.
The Waiting Room of the Gods (2M, 2F) comedy
Available from Original Works Online.
Three classical personifications of love - Venus, Erato and Cupid - are rudely surprised by a modern interloper - the spirit of Erectile Dysfunction!
Guilty Moments
What the Well Dressed Girl is Wearing (2F) comedy
Available from YouthPLAYS.
What happens when Jennifer asks her friend Sandra to pick out her outfit for her date with the guy Sandra's been obsessed with for years?
What the Well Dressed Girl is Wearing
Zombified (3M) comedy
Zombies make the best employees!
A CEO creates the world's most cost-effective workforce with the help of some voodoo powers.
I wrote this short play from an early draft of a feature screenplay I wrote a couple of years ago and shelved. I've now finished a complete re-write of the feature screenplay, and it's going out as "based on the short play"... I think I plagiarized myself.