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A one minute play NOT EXPECTING THAT produced by GI60 in their "2014 Greatest Hits" revival.

The Playwrights Round Table production of If You Could Go Back...

The 2012 GI60 one minute play Parent Teacher.

And here's the 2010 and 2009 entries, NOT EXPECTING THAT and HAVE YOU SEEN MY...

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INTERVIEW with Arthur M. Jolly from WRITE ON! Online.


Tracey Paleo of Gia on the Move writes: "the literary classic coming-of-age story is transmuted into an incredibly entertaining modern farce, ripe with perfectly inserted and delivered one-liners, silly gags that work in every pause for a laugh, and a swift sailing narrative that stays engaging throughout."
review by Tracey Paleo.

David MacDowell Blue of Night-Tinted Glasses calls it: " a rollicking good time on a startling number of levels".
Review by David MacDowell Blue.

Long Joan Silver


David MacDowell Blue of Night-Tinted Glasses writes: "this play surprised me throughout... frankly a truly extraordinary set of words strung together."
review by David MacDowell Blue.

Travis Michael Holder of Arts in LA writes: "Jolly writes startling, evocative dialogue and creates richly carved characters"
review by Travis Michael Holder.

Anchorage Daily News says "Jolly is not without his successes, but he remains a novice name in the world of theater. Ruhl has spent much of the last ten years acclaimed as a major talent and up-and-coming genius. But seeing these two shows back to back, "A Gulag Mouse" is the one that approaches genius, the one that has a chance of outliving its author, the one I'm thinking about as the next week begins and will be thinking about for a long time to come."
review by Mike Dunham.

The Anchorage Daily News said "Arthur M. Jolly's play has all the hallmarks of a masterpiece, setting the audience on the edge of an emotional razor from start to finish..."
review by Mike Dunham.

★ ★ ★ Chicago Theater Beat says A Gulag Mouse is "densely packed with dark suspense, non-stop tension, well-timed action scenes, and black humor precisely placed and played for all its grim power" Read the review by Paige Listerud.

CenterStage recommends A Gulag Mouse as a Must See Show! Read the review by Rory Leahy.


Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes gives The Ithaca Ladies Read Medea a rave review for the opening night!

Little Fish Theatre



Reviews from the Fringe:

"Don't let all the hysterically funny banter at the top lull you into thinking this is just some cutie comedy. It delivers on all fronts."

 "Lots of laughs in this play and not a cheap one in the bunch."



"Starting off at a sitcom pace with punch line after punch line until it takes a darker (yet still comedic!) twist, A Very Modern Marriage is a whirlwind 75 minutes of side splitting laughter."

"A Very Modern Marriage is messy from start to finish and will keep you in stitches to the end."



"... this play is impossible not to enjoy." 

"The most relevant show I've seen in a long time. And well done. I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time laughing and so enraptured in the story that I spilled wine all over my white skirt. That's right. That's what this show does to you."


"Love Plays On - 10 short plays by Arthur M. Jolly"

"The Four Senses of Love"

Chicago Theater Beat calls it "Unique, lip-smacking, gourmet surprises.... The Four Senses of Love written by Arthur M. Jolly is a hilarious coupling of two members of a sensory-deprived support group. Under the direction of Brandon Boler, individually and collectively, Jonathan Helvey and Lisa Cordileone sarcastically work through their affliction with no senses. " Read the review by Katy Walsh.

The Argus calls it "An unusual romance... the perfect way to start the day." Read the review here.

"Bailing Out"

Matthew Reddin, Urban Milwaukee.

"Kelly Coffey and Jim Huston gave the evening's best performance, in Bailing Out. It's the least literally apocalyptic play; the end of the world here is coming only for Huston's character, a dying man with no intention of going out quietly, despite his nurse's (Coffey) attempts to get him to take his medication. Huston quickly diverts her attention - and ours - by offering up a glimpse into his inner self, and the result is a nuanced, moving portrayal of one man's last great battle... director and recent UWM grad Luke Erickson's offering is pitch-perfect."

"Thicker than Water"

Rory Leahy, Chicago Centerstage.

"Unsettling... a catalyst for a long conversation about life."

"Howie's Last Words"

South Florida Sun-Sentinel "Gregg Weiner is heart-wrenching as a movie stuntman performing a dangerous fire scene in Howie's Last Words by Arthur M. Jolly..."

Miami Herald. "the most disturbing piece in Program A is Steel Springs... (In Program B:) Howie's Last Words. Arthur M. Jolly focuses on a stuntman (Weiner) who narrowly escapes death, yet ignores the pleas of his frightened wife (Youngblood).

"Bath Time is Fun Time"

John Barry, DC Theatre Scene
Bath Time is Fun Time by Arthur M. Jolly was a brilliant and hilarious look at life (and religion) from the perspective of bath toys. ...these playwrights are really worth following.


The Pittsburgh City Paper said:
"Even more impressive was "Bath Time is Fun Time." Arthur M. Jolly's piece began as a seemingly one-dimensional skit about a Rubber Ducky, Sponge, Submarine and Washcloth traumatized by a small child, but quickly transformed into existential comedy and comic religious allegory."


The Long Beach Press Telegram said:
"This year the plays tend toward the comic, with even the serious telling its story through humor.
"Bath Time Is Fun Time," for instance, is a look at the lives of bath toys after the bath is over. Just why is it that the rubber duck floats and gets squeezed gently while the submarine is continually drowning and haunted by cries of "aah-ooh-gah?"
James Rice is the submarine in the short sketch. He plays the role straight in goggles and helmet as he and his tub buddies pursue a philosophical deconstruction of bath time. The laughs come from the audience.


"Tiger in a Cage"

Deborah Ward, TheatreLouisville
The show ended with the show-stopping (literally and figuratively) Tiger in a Cage, which draws you into the criminal mind then ends... out of the cage.


"The Fine Print"

West Side Today "After thirteen plays by nine playwrights, directed by eleven directors and featuring more than thirty actors the winner has been selected -- by you, the public who came to the Festival and Competition performances. The Fine Print by Arthur Jolly was the audience favorite. "

"The Christmas Princess"

LA City Beat.
*** WORTH A LOOK *** The Christmas Princess. This new fairytale is about a royal wedding gone wrong, complete with a dragon and evil jester. Written by Arthur M. Jolly. Directed by Jeni Bartiromo. The Black Box Theater, 12420 Santa Monica Bl, Santa Monica, (310) 979-7078.


The The Cañon City Daily Record said:
"The spirit of the holidays is in full swing and can be shared even more this weekend when Fremont Civic Children's Theatre presents its Christmas performance, "The Christmas Princess" by Arthur M. Jolly and directed by Jennifer Lewallen."