A Grain of Salt

A Grain of Salt
A One Act play for 1 actor.
Published in the collection GLOBETROTTING from Next Stage Press. Runtime: 15 minutes
Period: The present
Setting: A Salt Flat in Brazil
Characters: (1M)
THIAGO - Almost any age, from 30's up.
Thiago wears old fashioned wooden snow-shoe style mud shoes, and carries a long handled salt rake - traditionally, these have a handle 20' long. His garb is modern yet timeless.

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as part of the collection

ABOUT A Grain of Salt

One Act Drama, 15 min, 1M

A Grain of Salt
A Grain of Salt has not yet been produced.

A Grain of Salt is published by Next Stage Press as part of a collection of four one acts titled GLOBETROTTING.

From the publisher's website:

Four plays make up the evening of theatre known as GLOBETROTTING - giving the audience four tales set around the world. In Count to Three by Michael Weems, old friends on an African hunting trip reconnect after some time apart. Their latest meeting, however, has them both aiming for an unspoken yet identical target. Rain of Fish by Gene Kato takes us to a deserted beach in Honduras, where a young woman looks for a miracle while grappling with a crisis of faith after a family tragedy. In A Grain of Salt by Arthur M. Jolly, a salt gatherer battles loneliness while scraping away at the narrow boundary between the sea and the land, and between civilization and isolation. Finally, in House of No Questions by Scott Gibson, fact and folklore collide in a small apartment in Kiev when a young writer attempts to unearth the origins behind the myth of the witch-crone Baba Yaga, a childhood legend, and perhaps something more. (2M 3W, Expanding possible)

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A Grain of Salt

This play is available from Next Stage Press.