by Arthur M. Jolly

2w, 2m, 1 any
Running time: 10 mins.

Last Frontier Theatre Conference premiere

The Last Frontier Theatre Conference 2012


BRIDE - Overwhelmed.

GROOM - Terrified.

MOTHER IN LAW - Domineering.

UNCLE YAHYA - A Terrorist.

NEWS ANCHOR - An unseen broadcaster.


The back room on the day of a huge wedding.


The arrival of a crazy uncle threatens to destroy a perfect wedding.

About Uncle Yahya Ruins the Wedding

Comedy, 10 min, 2w, 2m, 1 any

Uncle Yahya Ruins the Wedding
The play was written for the 24 Hour Play Fringe Festival at the 2012 last Frontier Theatre Conference. The cast was Laura Crow - Bride, Karen Lauer - Mother in Law, Jeff Lieblick - Groom, Barry Levine - Uncle Yahya and Bostin Christopher - News Announcer.

Uncle Yahya Ruins the Wedding is a political comedy masquerading as farce, with a grand reveal at the end that packs a punch.
In the play, a nervous bride confronts her meddling mother-in-law, while the audience are dragged in to play the rowdy drunken party guests, their screaming (uninvited) children, and a loudly snoring grandfather. Lots of fun audience participation.
Then - bad news. The Groom learns that crazy Uncle Yahya has been invited - and his arrival will inevitably ruin the wedding... and ruin it he certainly does, which we find out as a total surprise in the final moments, when the arrival of Yahya - a politically outspoken member of a terrorist organization - triggers a drone strike by the US military on what we discover has been a wedding in Afghanistan all along.

Sample Dialogue...

Uncle Yahya Ruins the Wedding

Uncle Yahya Ruins the Wedding was written during the 24 hour play festival at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in 2012. It is available from the playwright for production.