About After It's All Over

Dark Comedy, 10 mins, 1w, 2m

After It's All Over
After It's All Over at the Gene Frankel Theatre, New York City 2009
Dylan Weinberger, Amy Chang, Kristy Scheppke
Directed by Ilana Landecker, Photo by Matt D'Elia.

AFTER IT'S ALL OVER premiered in New York City at the Gene Frankel Theatre as part of 2009 Vignettes of the Apocalypse
The play, one of my few non-naturalistic pieces, concerns a nuclear family in a post nuclear world, where the United States has surrendered to an unnamed enemy that has every superiority possible. The son is gung-ho to tackle the invaders with his new found weapon - a sling shot that he has no idea how to use, but a six year old girl he has met might help - while his parents seem more concerned with their simple survival - or even worse, the frightening question of what they will do... if he wins.

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After It's All Over