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After the War is Over
A ten minute drama for 2w, 2m

A young couple struggle to reconnect after being separated by World War II - and sixty years later, the couples' daughter struggles to connect with her father as he battles Alzheimers.

Time: 1946, 2006
Setting: A park bench.

CALVIN - Young vet, walks with a cane
MABEL - Independent young woman
OLD CALVIN - Calvin in his later years
ALICE - Calvin's adult daughter

About After the War is Over

Drama, 10 min, 2w, 2m

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After the War is Over is a brand new play, yet to be performed.

Why this play?

After the War is Overwas written for a theatre company looking for plays that take place under a lamppost... but that was only the prompt that started the piece. The play is about caring for someone with Alzheimer's, and is based on my friends and family who know that journey all too well.

In the play, a wounded soldier, home from World War II, reunites with the girl he left behind, and they face their fears of the future, of trusting each other, of finding love after the trauma of war... and sixty years later, he's waiting for her on the same bench when his daughter comes to find him.

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