Performing a fire stunt for a low budget horror flick.

Doubling Michael Richards for Seinfeld "The Cadillac".

Flying tourists into the Grand Canyon.

At the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with Danielle Ozymandias.

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Arthur M. Jolly (he, him) had an early career as a stunt performer and coordinator, doubling such actors as Adrien Brody, Norman Reedus, and Steve Buscemi. After working in the film industry for ten years, he became a helicopter pilot for 8 years, training pilots for the US Army and flying tourists into the Grand Canyon. He quit flying in 2006 to write full-time. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Jolly's first success as a writer was winning an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for his feature comedy The Free Republic of Bobistan, about an oil rig worker who sparks an international incident when he declares the rig to be an independent country to save a Cuban refugee.

The Hero, a 360° Virtual Reality feature about a traffic cop flung into the middle of a futuristic war, won the Kay Snow Award in Screenwriting, a horror comedy The Working Dead was a semifinalist in the Austin Film Festival Table Read My Screenplay competition, and Eight Ball, a dramatic short film noir, was a finalist in the Pavaline Short Screenplay competition, and won the 2017 Hammond House International Literary Prize for a Screenplay.

Produced feature films include Where We Disappear - which premiered in Los Angeles at the Dances With Films Festival and is currently on Amazon Prime, based on his stage play A Gulag Mouse; and Under the Same Sky - a feature drama for Raz Entertainment (story by Tony Kamren, screenplay by Arthur M. Jolly and Arthur McClen). Other produced films include the shorts Childish Things, directed by Matthew Singletary, Still Waters, directed by Katia Café-Fébrissy, and Eight Ball, directed by Curtis Hogarth.

As a playwright, Jolly has penned over 75 produced plays, with productions in more than a dozen countries. He has won the Joining Sword and Pen competition a record three times, the Todd McNerney National Playwriting Award, The Region IV David Mark Cohen Playwriting Award, and was a finalist for the Woodward/Newman Drama Award. He is a regular featured artist at the Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference. In 2019 he was invited by Houston's Alley Theatre to participate in the inaugural Alley at Ucross Residency. Jolly is currently developing a play with the Alley Theatre that received an Early Draft Preview at the Alley All New Festival in January, 2020.

He has over thirty published plays, including the full-length plays A Gulag Mouse, The Lady Demands Satisfaction, Mrs. Dilber's Christmas Carol, The Ithaca Ladies Read Medea, Trash, Long Joan Silver, The Christmas Princess, and numerous short plays, including the collections Guilty Moments and Thin Lines.

Jolly is a member of The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, The Dramatists Guild, and is repped by Brant Rose Agency.