by Arthur M. Jolly

1W, 2M
Running time: 10 mins.

Bullying, Ink

Bully Issues






Wherever. Just hanging out.


Three bullies clash over the best way to bully other kids.

About Bully Issues

Comedy, 10 min, 1W, 2M. Suitable for Middle and High School students.

Bully Issues
Laynie Loebig, Jessica Hickman and Meg Holmes run through their lines in rehearsal for the May 2017 premiere at Hampton Middle School, Allison Park, PA. Photo by Louis Raggiunti.

Bully issues is a dark little comedy suitable for middle and High schools.
In the play, three bullies clash over their varied approaches to bullying (physical, psychological and social) and with their own inner struggles to come to terms with what they do, why they do it, and who they are. It's dark, funny, and ultimately a new way of looking at bullying from the other side - and hopefully with a positive outcome, and a message that isn't preachy. It's what I wish someone had told me when I was getting picked on by bigger kids when I was growing up.

Recent production!

Bully Issues was produced at the Tallequah High School Tiger Theatre, November 6th,as part of an evening of short plays about bullying.

Tahlequah High School

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Bully Issues

Bully Issues
Bully Issues premiered at the Hampton Middle School in February of 2017

Bully Issues is in the collection Bullying, Ink available from YouthPLAYS for production.