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Next Year, Cancun

Next Year, Cancun

A 10 minute comedy for 1w, 2-3m
When a middle age couple tries to spice up their anniversary with a little role-play, things go from bad to worse.

Runtime: 10 minutes

Time: The present

Setting: A street corner.
BOYD 50's
POLICE OFFICER (can double with DANIEL)

Premiered in May, 2018
at the Te Puke Repertory Company
in Te Puke, New Zealand.

About Next Year, Cancun

Comedy, 10 min, 1w, 2-3m

Next Year, Cancun

The premiere at the Te Puke Repertory company in Te Puke, New Zealand, May 2018.
Directed by Colleen Pye.
Image from the video by Vector Group.

Jeanne and Boyd try to spice up their twenty-fifth anniversary by role-playing as a lady of the evening and her client on a street corner on the other side of town, when they run into an old college friend - and then the law.
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Alaska production

This play doesn't get done very often - which I think is a pity, and I'm not sure why. It's charming and funny... but perhaps it's because many people don't want to think of their grandparents having an active sex life. The last production was during the shut down, part of the Virtual Short Play Festival by the Anchorage Community Theatre.

Anchorage Community Theatre Virtual Short Play Festival


Premiered in Te Puke, New Zealand

The play premiered as part of the Simply Short Play Festival at the Te Puke Repertory Company in Te Puke, New Zealand, May 2018

Simply Short Play Festival

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Next Year, Cancun