Christmas Spirit
A comedy for 3w, 2m.
Runtime: 10 minutes

Period: Present Day

Setting: A car and a living room.
MANIAC - Weird timing, maybe Christopher Walkenesque.
CONSTANCE - The voice of reason. Younger, scared.
AUNT PRU - Delightfully dotty.
GRACE - Matriarchal.
CLIVE - A baby boomer holdout hippy

The World premiere at
Sacred Fools Theater
Los Angeles, CA 2014

Christmas Spirit


Comedy, 10 min, 3w, 2m

Christmas Spirit
Natalie Rose as Aunt Pru, Lemon Baardsen as Constance, Isaac Deakyne as Maniac, Scot Shamblin as Clive, Lisa Anne Nicolai as Grace. Directed by Jessica Salans.

Christmas Spirit premiered in November, 2014, at The Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles as part of their Fast & Loose Overnight Plays Festival. It was brought back in August of 2015 for their Fast & Loose - Double Take revival.

This is a dark off-beat and very funny comedy about a crazy maniac who breaks in on a family trying - beyond all reason - to celebrate a "perfect" Christmas.
The play was written for Sacred Fool's long running "Fast and Loose" series

Sample Dialogue...

Christmas Spirit

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