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Blood and Coal Dust
A ten minute drama for 2m
Two miners, trapped by a cave-in one of them started, confront their fears and reveal their secrets as they await rescue.

Time: 1907
Setting: A coal mine.

CARL - Greenhorn, longs to get away from the mines
THOMAS - Experienced, has survived a previous mining disaster

About Blood and Coal Dust

Drama, 10 min, 2m

Blood and Coal Dust
Blood and Coal Dust will be part of the
49th Annual Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Short Play Festival,
on August 15th, 2024, at The Vineyard's Dimson Theatre in New York City.

In the play, two miners are trapped after an explosion caused their tunnel to collapse behind them. One of them's a new guy, desperate to take any action; the other an experienced miner, the survivor of a previous mining disaster... and with the dreadful knowledge of what happened last time when stress and panic overtook them.

Why this play?

Blood and Coal Dust started out in a workshop in the Loft Ensemble Theatre's Writer's Group. I had led a writing exercise where we selected a narrative painting, and wrote for ten minutes based on the ideas sparked by the image. After the others had chosen their pictures, I was left with one of a man on a stretcher carried out of a mine to a crowd of waiting people... a mine rescue, seen from inside the mine, looking out. The next week, I hadn't done any further work on my current full length WIP, and I didn't want to turn up empty handed - so I took my exercise piece and finished it up!

Samuel French OOB Festival!

I am thrilled to announce that Blood and Coal Dust will be directed by Will Steinberger, in New York City at The Vineyard's Dimson Theatre as part of the prestigious Samuel French OOB Festival, on August 15th, 2024!

Samuel French OOB festival

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