Doing the Math won FIRST PLACE at the 2012 Monoslam!
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Running time: 5 mins.


Judith - W
A hyper-intelligent teenage girl

On stage.

A girl who is on the spectrum discovers her father may not be the man she thought.

The Secret Rose Theatre, Los Angeles

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About Doing the Math

Seriocomic, 5 min, 1w

Reagan James
Reagan James at the Midnight Summit Ensemble Performance, Chicago, 2018.
Directed by Kalli Randall, photo by Kalli Randall.

DOING THE MATH premiered at The Secret Rose Theatre in Los Angeles as a selection in the MonoSlam Competition on January 29th, 2012. It was performed by KC Wright - who had only received the monologue two days earlier when another actor dropped out.
She performed beautifully, garnering much praise. The monologue won first prize in an audience vote.

The monologue - essentially a 5 minute one woman play for a teenager - takes place when a teenager who is on the spectrum discovers through her mother's diary that her father may not actually be her father.

Doing the Math had its UK premiere performed by Darren Forster, at The Big GIG Dig at the Ludlow Brewery, in Ludlow, UK and at the Darwin Community Center in Shropshire as part of World Autism Awareness Day, in a fundraiser for Autonomy - a support group for people with Asperger's Syndrome. Please support them, if you can!

World Autism Awareness Day

KC Wright
KC Wright premiered the role at the Secret Rose Theatre, Los Angeles 2012

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Doing the Math

You can download Doing the Math for free from the Dramatic Monologues page.

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