The Fine Print is in the collection Guilty Moments from Original Works Press

by Arthur M. Jolly

(1m, 1 any gender)
Running time: 10 mins.


THE DEVIL - Elegant, and visibly the Devil.

ARCHIE - A picky, detail oriented electrical systems engineer.


Archie's kitchen.


The Devil tempts an Electrical Systems Engineer with the specs for a new weapons system.

Premiered June 2009

The Devil - Michael Symonds
Archie - Christopher Symonds
Directed by Danielle Ozymandias.

About The Fine Print

Comedy, 10 min, 1m, 1 any gender

The Fine Print
Mike Symonds (The Devil) and Christopher Symonds (Archie), 3rd st Promenade Playhouse in Los Angeles, 2009
Produced by Cruthaigh Productions, Directed by Danielle Ozymandias.

The parts do not have to be played by identical twins at all... but if you happen to have them...!

When the Devil tempts an uptight Electrical Systems Engineer with the specs for a new weapons system, he offers him fame and fortune... but the engineer's already way ahead of him on the actual design.

Sample Dialogue...

The Fine Print

The play received its premiere - and won the AUDIENCE FAVORITE AWARD at the 2009 Cruthaigh New Plays Festival and Competition at the 3rd St. Promenade Playhouse in Los Angeles.
It was also produced in Orlando at the Playwrights Round Table and broadcast on Orange TV.

Mimi Lipka (Archie) and Tara Corless (The Devil) in the Orange TV broadcast directed by Aisha Soto.

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