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She Will Have Freesias

A drama for 2w, 3m.
Runtime: 10 minutes

Period: Present Day

Setting: A living room.

A middle aged married couple:
Their three adult children:
JOE - eldest
PHILLIP - Middle
ELISHA - youngest

Premiered at
Sacred Fools Theater
Los Angeles, CA 2016

She Will have Freesias


Drama, 10 min, 2w, 3m

She Will Have Freesias
Cast L to R: Michelle Philippe as Elisha, Isaac Deakyne as Phillip, Scott Krinsky as Joe, Hersha Parady as Mona and Sean Bolger as Blake.
Directed by Jessica Salans, Produced by Lemon Baardsen, David LM McIntyre and Ari Radousky

While the play is dramatic, the characters use humor to deal with their situation - and I have debated describing it as a "dramedy"... like so many of my plays, it skates back and forth across that line.

In the play, a mother reveals to her three bickering children that her cancer has returned - more aggressively - and she has only a few months to live - leaving them to resolve their own issues as to how they will handle the news.

She Will Have Freesias premiered April 2nd, 2016, at The Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles as part of their FIFTIETH Fast & Loose Overnight Plays Festival.

Sample Dialogue...

She Will Have Freesias Sample

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