HOW NOT TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK is available from YouthPLAYS, Inc.

How Not To Do Your Homework

A 10 minute comedy for 3-30 Middle School actors.

A trio of narrators teach students how to avoid ever doing homework without getting into trouble with parents and teachers.

Runtime: 10 minutes

Period: Present

Setting: A stage.
Characters: (10 roles, but playable by 3-30 actors, any gender)
And one tired, overworked TEACHER!

The play is published by
YouthPLAYS, Inc.

About How Not To Do Your Homework

Comedy, 10 min, 10 roles for 3-30 actors
Suitable for Middle and Upper Elementary Schools

How Not To Do Your Homework
A new play available from YouthPLAYS, Inc.

This was a fun play to write - especially coming up with the outlandish excuses the students try to use on their teacher! I don't consider it high art, just a fun, silly romp that I would have loved to perform when I was a kid, and one I think will give parents a good laugh.
As the publisher describes it, "Students the world over have been crying out for a simple instruction manual in the art of avoiding homework, and finally their prayers have been answered. Watch and learn how to bamboozle your parents and put one over on your teachers in this fast-paced, tongue-deeply-in-cheek guide to tactics that just might change your lifeā€¦or land you in a heap of trouble!"

Sample Dialogue...

How Not To Do Your Homework Dialogue

How Not to Do Your Homework productions.

How Not to Do Your Homework just played at the Calvert County Summer Arts Academy in Prince Frederick, MD. I wish I could have been there to see it!
The play premiered at the Captain Samuel Douglass Academy Elementary School in Brookline, NH in 2020, and has since been performed at the Riverside Children's Arts Center in Jacksonville, FL and Mount St Bernard College in Herberton, Queensland, Australia (They apparently don't like to do homework down under any more than in the US!)
In 2021, the play was performed by Center Stage Jacksonville Theatre Company in Jacksonville, NC, and St. John - St. James Lutheran School in Reedsville, WI, and the O'Grady Drama Academy in Como, NSW, Australia.

Smedburg Middle School     Civic Academy of Theatre Arts     Calvert County Summer Arts Academy