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30 Short Plays for Passionate Actors

If You Could Go Back...
A comedy for 1w, 2m about time travel.

If You Could Go back
Runtime: 10 minutes

Period: Present Day

Setting: A basement.
STANLEY - a science geek
JENNY - a Soldier of Fortune wannabe
MARK - Stanley's roommate, doing a favor he'd rather not

The World premiere at
The Kraine Theatre
New York, 2011

directed by Brad Raimundo (below)

If You Could Go Back...

ABOUT If You Could Go Back...

Comedy, 10 min, 1w, 2m

If You Could...
The 2018 production in Somerville, MA by Theatre@First. Directed by Stephanie Haddad.
L to R: Katelyn Tustin, Andy Lebrun, Richie DeJesus.

If You Could Go Back premiered in June of 2011 in New York at The Kraine Theatre as part of "Vignettes for the Apocalypse V"

In the play, Stanley has invented a time machine and plans to send his best friend Jenny back in history to shoot Adolf Hitler... What could go wrong? Well, to start with his future roommate turns up and shoots her dead. That's just the beginning of time travel complications!

If You Could...
The 2013 production at the Orlando Fringe Festival. Directed by Chuck Dent, with Kristen Dewey, Jo'el Perez and David Strauss. Photo by Emily R. Gilbert.

Sample Dialogue...

If You Could Go Back...


Playwrights' Round Table has some engaging ideas on display in this "best of" roundup of short plays, above and beyond the laughs. My favorite? Arthur M. Jolly's "If You Could Go Back," an increasingly ridiculous comedy that uses the thorny issues of time travel to pile up the mishaps, then wraps it up neatly with a moral that doesn't sabotage the farce.
Read the review by Todd Caviness in the Orlando Sentinel.

Orlando Sentinel

You can watch PRT's 2012 production on you tube!

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If You Could Go Back...     If You Could Go Back...     If You Could Go Back...

This one is available for production from the playwright. Contact me.
It is also included in the collection 30 Short Plays for Passionate Actors.