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The Passport

A 10 minute drama for 2M
Two lovers' plans for a trip are thrown into turmoil by an emergency phone call from home.

Runtime: 10 minutes

Period: Present Day

Setting: A bedroom.
Characters: (2M)
RAFE - 20-30's
DAN - Similar Age.

The play premiered in November, 2017 by Cone Man Running Productions in Houston, Texas.
Cast was as follows:
Rafe - Ty Fisher
Dan - Patrick Barton
Directed by Cheramie Hopper and Kelsey Finstad

Dan's monologue in the play about the advantage of the fake castles in Orlando theme parks compared to the Scottish real ones is included in:
The best men's Monologues from New Plays 2019

About The Passport

Drama, 10 min, 2m

The Passport

Patrick Barton as Dan and Ty Fisher as Rafe in the Cone Man Running Theatre Company Production, Houston, 2017 at the Beacon Theatre. Photo by Michael Weems

Why this play?

I lost my mother to cancer a few years back - and for the year or so before she passed away, every time I went anywhere - even a weekend trip for an audience talkback or a play premiere - I would bring my passport with me, knowing that at any time I might get a phone call telling me to drop everything and get over to the UK, where she lived, to see her one last time. It was a small detail, but it was also a constant reminder.
In The Passport, Rafe is in the same predicament. He's going away with his boyfriend Dan for a weekend trip, knowing he needs to have his passport just in case... and then he gets the phone call.
The play packs a lot into a short time - but it's not all dark and gloomy - Dan even has a monologue while he's packing that lightens the mood that is published in the Applause Acting Series book The Best Men's Monologues from new Plays 2019, edited by Lawrence Harbison. The play is available from the playwright, or on the New Play Exchange.

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The Passport

The play was produced at the Five Minute Mile short play festival at Cone Man Running Productions, along with The Fourth Ghost, in November of 2017 at The Beacon Theatre in Houston, Texas.

The Five Minute Mile

Sample Dialogue...

The Passport Dialogue