by Arthur M. Jolly

3w but adaptable for any gender mix
Running time: 10 mins.

Snakes in a Lunchbox

Snakes in a Lunchbox


CARLY - a mousy girl, ready to finally strike back

GEORGIA - her quirky best friend

PEYTON - a bully dealing with personal issues
Physically imposing over the other two


The playing field behind a Florida middle school.


Two girls plan the ultimate revenge on the school bully stealing their lunches... but nothing works out how they planned.

Snakes in a Lunchbox
Eja Willis, Faith De Pasquale and Susej Fregoso rehearse Snakes In A Lunchbox at the Dayton Middle School. Photo by Brad Coman, Nevada Appeal

About Snakes in a Lunchbox

Comedy, 10 min, 3w but open to adapting for any genders. Suitable for Middle School students

Snakes in a Lunchbox
(L to R) Jayden Ramsey, Seriya Jorge and Hannah Veety in Snakes In A Lunchbox at the Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop. Photo by Wendy Ackerly.

Snakes in a Lunchbox is a serio-comedy suitable for middle schools and TYA.
In the play, Carly and Georgia team up to get the best revenge ever in the history of ever against the school bully who steals their lunch, but they're not prepared for what happens - to them, to the bully, or to the dangerous snake they have hidden in a lunchbox.

Snakes in a Lunchbox in Birdsboro, PA.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Perfect 10's at the 1st Street Players in Birdsboro, PA for their fantastic 2021 production! I couldn't make it in person, but I was lucky enough to watch it on video! Well done!

Snakes in a Lunchbox at the 1st St Players

Sample Dialogue...

Snakes in a Lunchbox

The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop One Act Plays FestivalThe 1st Street Players Perfect 10s

Snakes in a Lunchbox is available from YouthPLAYS for production.