Tiger in a Cage is in the collection Guilty Moments from Original Works Press

Drama 1F, 1M
Running time: 15 mins.


A recidivist Sex Offender
His menacing, impulsive nature hides a weak, troubled core... which in turn hides a tiger.


She truly believes she has rehabilitated Harold, and her desire to help him - even at a risk to herself - shields her from recognizing his true nature.

A jail cell.

A psychiatrist finds herself trapped in a jail cell with her former patient - a recidivist sex offender.

About Tiger in a Cage

Drama, 10 min, 1w, 1m

Tiger in a Cage
Joshua Guenter and Emily Engels in the 2010 production at the Valley Repertory Company.
Directed by Jeffrey Flood. Photos by Celeste Estvanik.

TIGER IN A CAGE is a short play with adult themes and language. It was written in Bill Hyatt's Playwrights Workshop, and premiered at the Rudyard Kipling Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky in 2007, with Todd Ziegler as Harold.

It was later revived at the Valley Repertory Company in Connecticut in February of 2010.
In the play, a female psychiatrist finds herself trapped in a jail cell with a former patient - a recidivist sex offender who has been jailed for committing an unspecified assault on a young girl... after the psychiatrist wrote the medical opinion that freed him.

Sample Dialogue...

Tiger in a Cage

Theatre Louisville said:
The show ended with the show-stopping (literally and figuratively) Tiger in a Cage, which draws you into the criminal mind then ends... out of the cage.

If you'd like to get a feel for the play - try reading any of the three free monologues from the play.

Joshua Guenter as Harold