Published in the collection Thin Lines

Thicker Than Water
A serio-comedy for 1M, 1F

A young couple cope with love, a possible pregnancy... and an inexplicable puddle of blood.

Runtime: 30 minutes

Period: 1990's

Setting: A low rent apartment.
Characters: (1M,1F)
JOE - Late 20's. Funny. Mad about Sal.
SAL - Late 20's. Snarky. Crazy about Joe.

Premiered in April, 2010
Wolfville University, Nova Scotia
Jacob Sampson as JOE
Emma Vaasjo as SAL
Directed by Alice D'Eon

Thicker than Water
Lisa Woods in the Chicago 2012 production

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Next Stage Press


Seriocomic drama, 30 min, 1F, 1M

Fresh Bites production

Thicker than Water at the Fresh Bites Festival by the Eat Street players, Minneapolis 2012, Directed by Natalie Novacek.

In Thicker than Water, Joe and Sal - a feisty young couple, smart, sarcastic, and deeply in love - are challenged on the night Joe comes home with unexplained blood on his shoes. Sal tries to cope as best she can - what with her phobia about blood and all... not to mention the pregnancy test she's been waiting for.
When Sal accidentally cuts Joe's leg trying to get the bloody shoes off him, she goes to get an AIDS test - and gets hit by blood falling from the sky. Nothing is quite as it seems in this exploration of anxiety and hidden secrets in a seemingly perfect relationship.

Sample Dialogue...

Thicker Than Water

Centerstage called it "Unsettling... a catalyst for a long conversation about life." Read the review here.

Thicker than Water was first produced by the Shoestring Radio Theatre, and broadcast on KUSF and other NPR station in August, 2009.
The world premiere of the stage version was at Minifest 2010 in Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia in April, 2010, with a revival in 2012 at the Howard Conn Fine Arts Center courtesy of the Eat Street Player's Fresh Bites Festival, most recently produced by Forget Me Not Productions, directed by Emilia Zuckerman, at Studio BE in Chicago.

The play is available for theatrical production, classroom or workshop use, published by Next Stage Press in a collection of three one acts titled Thin Lines and in its original form for radio broadcast if you contact me!

You can also read some free monologues from this play which may give you a sense of the off-beat, maybe somewhat unsettling humor. There's one for SAL from the moment where she breaks down and reveals the root of her blood-phobia - it's called "Cap'n Coleman's Last Show", or look at JOE's monologue where he talks to his newborn child about the night he and Sal learned they were pregnant.

Fresh Bites Shoestring Radio Theatre

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