Published in the collection Thin Lines

Almost Christmas

A one act drama for 2M, 1F.

Runtime: 30 minutes

Period: Present Day

Setting: A rural bar.
Characters: (2M, 1F)
CHRISTIE - Late 20's - 30's. As prickly as a porcupine - and as defensive.
GLEN - The bar's oldest and most faithful customer. A fixture.
COREY - A young guy, running a bar that doesn't feel like his yet.

Premiered February 2012
The Venture Theatre
Directed by Robert Brian Wood
GLEN Gary Treglown
COREY Wayland Smedley

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Almost Christmas
Staged reading, New York 2012
Between Us Productions
directed by Samantha Lee Manas
Pictured: Eric Chase, Anna Stefanic and Chris Barber

ABOUT Almost Christmas

Drama, 30 min, 2M, 1F

Almost Christmas
Corey Volence, Jenn Gannon and Gary Olson in the 2012 production at the Lowndes Shakespeare Theatre in Orlando. Directed by Daniel Cooksley.

Almost Christmas is a half hour one act for 2M, 1F.

The play premiered in February 2012 at the Venture Theatre in Billings, MT. It was also a top ten finalist for the Arts and Letters Prize for Drama.

The play takes place in a single set - a bar, late at night on Christmas Eve, where a bitter waitress tries to get money from a crusty drunk and the bar's naive new owner - to fund a trip to kill her father. Merry Christmas!

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Almost Christmas

The play is published in the collection THIN LINES from Next Stage Press

Almost Christmas     Almost Christmas