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My feature length screenplay The Free Republic of Bobistan was awarded The Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
More recently, I was an alternate selection for the Fox Writers Intensive, a feature length 360 degree-VR screenplay The Hero won the Kay Snow Award for Screenwriting, and my short screenplay Eight Ball won the 2017 Hammond House International Literary Prize for a Screenplay.

Shortlisted for the 2018 Hammond House International Literary Prize!

I am thrilled to announce that I have just been shortlisted for the 2018 Hammond House International Literary Prize for a Screenplay. I am hoping this year's screenplay - based on my short play Fallen to the Communists will do as well as last year's!

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The Bunkhouse Where We Disappear.

Based on my Award winning play A Gulag Mouse.

When a privileged woman is sentenced to a prison camp for the murder of her abusive husband, she must form an unlikely alliance with her dangerous bunkmates if she is to survive.
Directed by Simon Fink, Produced by Vanessa Pantley and C.C. Chainey.
In post-production.
Under the Same Sky
Under the Same Sky
A second generation Afghani-American goes to a land he has never known to save his ten year old cousin from an arranged marriage to a local warlord.
Screenplay by Arthur M. Jolly and Arthur McClenn. Directed by Anna Foerster. Produced by Kamrany Productions.
The Free Republic of Bobistan
The Free Republic of Bobistan
To save a beautiful Cuban refugee, an All-American oil rig worker declares an abandoned rig is an independent nation - and sparks an international crisis.
Winner of the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting.


Childish Things - Short Film
Childish Things - the short movie
A man facing a terminal illness tries to reconcile with his daughter with the help of two of her childhood toys.
Based on my play published in The Best American Short Plays 2016. Directed by Matthew Singletary, produced by Vanessa Pantley.
Eight Ball
Eight Ball
A hit-woman posing as a D.A. confronts a brain damaged witness to determine if he poses a threat to her boss.
Winner of the 2017 Hammond House International Literary Prize for a Screenplay.
Produced in 2018, Directed by Curtis Hogarth, Produced by Heather Buckby for Hammond House.


Just a selection of my Screenplays and TV pilots.

Semifinalist in the Austin Film Festival Table read My Screenplay Competition.
A destitute girl longing to get into a business school must survive a summer internship for a maniacal CEO creating the world’s most cost-effective workforce... the undead.

Ten years after a nuclear apocalypse, a tough-as-nails survivor must fight her way through a hostile world to rescue her estranged daughter from cannibalistic scavengers.

When a rookie segment producer, a disgraced reporter and a group of environmentalist students discover the trash in the Pacific Gyre has coalesced into a floating island, they have the story of their lives... if they can survive the deep sea creatures drawn to the perpetual darkness beneath it.

Teenagers recruited by the CIA as a dirty-tricks crew go undercover as a squeaky clean pop-group - until their music video goes viral.

In a society overrun by the supernatural, a naive rookie gets assigned to a police squad commissioned to handle werewolf and vampire-related crimes.

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