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by Arthur M. Jolly

3m,2w, 1 any.
Running time: 90 mins.


CAPTAIN JAMESON WOOD – British. Handsome, refined, with a slightly apologetic air.

WARRANT OFFICER STEVEN CHEN – Tightly wound. Asian heritage but American born - no accent.

FIRST OFFICER ABIGAIL "ABBY" HOYT – A new mother with all the sleep-deprived edge that implies.

ALSO FIRST OFFICER BOSTIN FOWLER – Rather gawky - with a gentle nature. Eminently likable.

RANDOM BLOB – A big blobby green fungus, floating in a hydroponic vat. Looks like a plant until it opens its eyes.

DR. DANA OWENS – A NASA veteran scientist on her last big experiment before retirement.


A mock-up of a rocket, here on earth.


Four volunteer astronauts, confined to a sealed environment for a four year experiment, struggle to maintain their ever diminishing sanity.

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About Mission: Colusa

Comedy, Full Length, Cast: 3m, 2w, 1 any

Mission Colusa
Mission Colusa was scheduled to premiere in Houston, home of the Space Program... but was cancelled due to Covid.

Mission: Colusa is a raunchy comedy suitable for adult audiences.
Can four volunteer astroanauts stay sane in the confined environment of a mock-up rocket ship, here on earth, on a four year mission to test the fesasibility of a manned mission to Mars? Um... no. No, not at all. In fact, by day two they are on each other's nerves, and when we meet them - two days short of their first year - Abby and the Captain aren't speaking to each other (tricky, given that there is now a baby involved that they are trying to keep secret from NASA), the Engineering Officer hides in the engine room compulsively pleasuring himself, and the Science Officer is dreamily lounging on a steel girder lethally high above the unforgiving steel floor. Oh, and the toilet failed some weeks ago and no one wants to be the one to try and fix it. Add that the Captain has started talking to the oxygenating biomass (and worse, the plant has started talking back to him), and even Dana, the scientist in charge, seems to be getting flaky...
It's a raunchy, inappropriate, funny and silly romp. It was scheduled to premiere in April 2020, by Cone Man Running Productions in Houston, Texas, directed by the astounding Danielle Ozymandias! Unfortunately, the pandemic shiut down the production. It is still awaiting a premiere, but the experience of lockdown has probably changed how the play would be received... maybe it just made it more relevant!

The play was an official selection at The Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference.

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An excerpt from Mission Colusa

Mission: Colusa is available from the playwright for production.