About Eight Ball

Winner of the Hammond House Literary Prize

Eight Ball (Promo) from Curtis Hogarth on Vimeo.

Eight Ball started as a short story in my collection Grumble Soup.

In the short film, a hit woman posing as a D.A. meets with a homeless guy - and also a possible witness to the crime that left him brain damaged. As she probes his memories to uncover whether he's even able to testify - and therefore poses a threat to the mob boss who has hired her - we learn his tragic story, and the fate that awaits them both when she makes her final decision.

Literary Prize

The screenplay was a finalist in the Pavaline Short Screenplay Competition, and the winner of the Hammond House University Centre Grimsby Literary Prize 2017 - Screenplay Category. It will be produced by Hammond House in 2018, directed by Curtis Hogarth, and submitted to the BAFTA qualifying Asthetica film festival.

Literary Prize