Free Monologues for Men

written by award winning writer Arthur M. Jolly

Use these for auditions or classes with no restrictions. Use them for public performances with permission. You may not publish or distribute these without written permission.
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A PERMISSION FORM for the California Thespian State Festival (or other venues requiring one) can be obtained on request by sending an email to info (at) arthurjolly (dot) com. Note: Permission for monologues from plays published by YouthPLAYS are automatically included with purchase of the play.

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  The Lady Demands Satisfaction

LORD ABERNATHY from The Lady Demands Satisfaction
M, "older gentleman". Comedic. 1 minute.

Brand new monologue!

A monologue from the Joining Sword and Pen winning play THE LADY DEMANDS SATISFACTION, premiering in Chicago next year.
Lord Abernathy, in spectacularly useless fashion, counsels fifteen year old Trothe on her upcoming arranged marriage.
This is a new play, and has not yet been produced.
This play is available from the playwright or can be downloaded free by members of the New Play Exchange.

  Long Joan Silver

JIM HAWKINS from Long Joan Silver
M, 12 years old (or teenage) Dramatic. 1 minute.

A monologue adapted from LONG JOAN SILVER.
Jim Hawkins makes a stand against a gang of bloodthirsty female pirates - and delivers what he believes will be his last words.
This play is available from YouthPLAYS.

 Snakes in a Lunchbox Monologue

PEYTON from Snakes in a Lunchbox.
M, 12 years old (or teenage). Dramatic. 1 Minute
A repentent bully reveals the nightmarish moment that has changed his entire attitude.
This play is available from

  Past Curfew

GETTING FAMOUS from Past Curfew
M, teenage. Comedic. 1 minute.

A monologue from the AOPW Fellowship winning play PAST CURFEW.
Michael, on his first date ever, lays out his dreams to his dream girl.
The play is available from NEXT STAGE PRESS.
Thicker than Water
JOE from Thicker than Water
M, 20's-30's. Dramatic. 2 minutes.

A contemporary monologue for a male, 20's-30's.
Joe talks to his newborn child about the night he and his girlfriend learned they were pregnant.
The play is published in the collection THIN LINES from NEXT STAGE PRESS.

  Howie's Last Words

HOWIE'S LAST WORDS from Howie's Last Words
M, 20's-30's. Dramatic. 3 minutes.

A stuntman confesses to his wife that his last full body fire burn went disastrously wrong.
You can also purchase the entire play from ORIGINAL WORKS PRESS.
UNCOMFORTABLE from A Very Modern Marriage
This piece contains strong language.
M, 20's-30's. Dramatic. 2 minutes.

A dramatic moment in an otherwise comedic play.
Chris, a flamboyantly gay character, confronts his hetero best friend (and love interest) who has finally confessed that Christopher's sexuality makes him "uncomfortable". In this powerful monologue, Chris reveals a secret that transforms his point of view.

Barbed Wire monologue
BARBED WIRE FENCE  inspiration for Better by Candlelight.

M, 20's - 30's. 2 mins.
A traumatized man relives a particularly painful accident from his childhood. This monologue was the original inspiration for the play, rather than the other way around, although a lot of it did not make it intact into the final version.
You can also purchase the entire play from ORIGINAL WORKS PRESS.
You Can't Fight for Pie
YOU CAN'T FIGHT FOR PIE from Every Battle, Every War, available from Original Works Online.
M, 30's. Comedic. 1 minute.

A short comic monologue in a British Accent. An uptight British Lieutenant confronts a belligerent American Doughboy in the World War One trench they share.

You can also purchase the entire play from ORIGINAL WORKS PRESS.
Tiger in a Cage THE HONEYMOON SUITE This piece contains strong language.
THE TIGER... AND HIS PREY from Tiger in a Cage.


M, 30's. 2-3 mins.
A recidivist sex offender, trapped in a jail cell, rants at his psychiatrist - whom he also is in love with. In a twisted way. Lots of fun, a chance to run the gamut of emotions.
You can also purchase the entire play from ORIGINAL WORKS PRESS.

  Long Joan Silver

SQUIRE TRELAWNEY from Long Joan Silver
M, 30-60's. Comedic. 2 minutes.

A monologue adapted from LONG JOAN SILVER.
Squire Trelawney convinces his cohorts that stealing stolen goods is ultimately ethical - and inadvertently mocks Jim's dead father while he's at it.
You can also purchase the entire play from YouthPLAYS.
M, 30's up. 20 mins.
This contemporary monologue - a full twenty minutes long when performed - is actually a stand alone short play in its own right. It was developed over a year long process as part of the ensemble drama I SHOULDA EATEN MY PEAS AND CARROTS, created by Bill Hyatt and Jeni Elliot.

A writer mops the stage in preparation for a play - while discussing his choices to become an instructor pilot for the U.S. Army at the start of the Iraq War, and his decision to quit to become a writer. And mop stages.

  The Copilot

RANDY AND THE BEAR from The Copilot
M, 50's. Comedic. 2 minutes.

A monologue from my new play THE COPILOT.
Randy, stuck on top of a "Do Not Feed the Bears" sign by an angry bear, tells the college girl stuck with him how his daughter broke his heart.
The Bricklayer
M, 50's- 60's. 2 mins.
An original monologue, first produced by the Atlantis Playmakers in the 2006 Short Attention Span PlayFEST. The photo is Paul Messinger in the 2008 production in Los Angeles.
You can also purchase this monologue from InterJACtions - Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature. from JAC Publications.

A bricklayer talks to his son about the the importance of making each brick square and true, the importance of the big picture, of small parts playing roles in larger issues... as he builds an industrial chimney in a concentration camp.
Watch Bruce Barton perform this one on You Tube courtesy of the NYC Playwrights Monologue Project.

The Boat Sinks
THE BOAT SINKS from Bailing Out
M, 60's-80's. Seriocomic. 2 minutes.

A contemporary monologue for an older actor.
An elderly man in a hospice ward for the terminally ill tells his young nurse why he won't take his meds.
The play is published in the collection THIN LINES from NEXT STAGE PRESS.
The Fine Print
THE FINE PRINT from The Fine Print
U, ageless. 2 mins.

A monologue from my short play "The Fine Print", Audience Favorite Award winner at The New Plays Festival and Competition, June 2009, Los Angeles.

The Devil tempts an Electrical Systems Designer with the specs for a new weapons system.
You can also purchase the entire play from ORIGINAL WORKS PRESS.