About Where We Disappear - the Motion Picture
based on A Gulag Mouse

A feature film directed by Simon Fink

Where We Disappear

Amazing producer Vanessa Pantley came to see the Sacred Fools Theatre production of A Gulag Mouse, and knew that it was the right project for Simon Fink, who had been looking for a self-contained story to direct. She urged him to see it - which he did, a few times, and before the end of the run, we were in negotiations for a screenplay based on the play.

A Gulag Mouse is an intense drama, almost the entire play taking place inside the bunkhouse of a Siberian Gulag - so the first challenge to write the screenplay for the movie - now titled Where We Disappear- was to open up the world, to see some of the ancillary characters that we only hear about on stage.

A Gulag Mouse - the Motion Picture
Yuri the guard, an unseen presence in the play, gets a fantastic scene - and a vicious, wonderful monologue - in the movie.

The movie is currently in post-production - and it looks amazing! I hope to have a preview to share here soon. Check back!

Where We Disappear Slate

Directed by
Simon Fink

Screenplay by Arthur M. Jolly
based on his play
A Gulag Mouse

Produced by
Vanessa Pantley
C.C. Chainey

Georgina Haig
Katharine Isabelle
Vera Cherny
Jolene Andersen and
Osa Wallander


Vanessa Pantley .... producer
C.C. Chainey .... co-producer
Trent Kendrick .... associate producer
Blair Skinner .... UPM
Mac Fisken .... director of photography
Mary Jo Slater .... casting director

Adhish Yajnik .... 1st ad
Michael Konopisos .... 2nd ad
Grant Ebert .... key PA
Kyleen Hengelhaupt .... set PA
Alice Chen .... set PA

Christy Teichmann .... script supervisor

Parker Brooks .... stedicam operator
David Bostrom .... 1st AC
Carol Kim .... 2nd AC

Richard Carlos .... sound mixer
Jonathan Ho .... boom operator

Andrew Enloe .... gaffer
Ryan Mosley .... g/e/ swing
Kyleen Hengelhaupt .... set PA

Nina Caussa .... production designer
Chloe Reisen .... art director
Alex Bennet .... prop master
Kate Dilberto .... art PA
Alex French .... make up
Yeritsa Bonilla .... assistant make up
Edna Jones .... costumer

Cole McKay .... stunt coordinator
George Maski .... set medic
Josh Hakian .... special effects
Kyleen Hengelhaupt .... set PA

Jamey Clouse.... VFX