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About Childish Things - the short film.

Directed by Matthew Singletary, produced by Vanessa Pantley.

Matthew Singletary directed the Short + Sweet production of the short play Childish Things, and, as a film director, knew that he wanted to film a version of it. I rewrote the script, and Vanessa Pantley (Where We Disappear) came on to produce. It was shot in Los Angeles in August of 2017, and had a private screening for the cast and crew at the Road Theatre in December of 2017. More news to come!

Childish Things filming
Frank Collison takes a break from the drama during filming.

In the film, Jerry is faced with breaking the news to his estranged daughter that he has a terminal illness - and turns to the two stuffed toys he used as puppets to distract her from her mother's alcoholism when she was a little girl. Things go about as well as might be expected...

Childish Things - short film
Violet Raine McMahan as Young Rachel.

Childish Things filming
Frank Collison and Laura Gardner on set.

Directed by
Matthew Singletary

Screenplay by Arthur M. Jolly
based on his play.

Frank Collison ... Jerry
Mia Fraboni ... Bunny
Ray Paolantonio ... Teddy
Violet Raine McMahan ... Rachel (Age 5)
Laura Gardner ... Alice
Kay Capasso ... Rachel

Vanessa Pantley .... producer
Kimberly Hwang .... co-producer
Samuel J. Capasso III .... executive producer
Brenna Hunter .... associate producer
Erik Temblador .... associate producer
Kristeen Crosser .... associate producer
Nicole Stachura .... associate producer
Sarah Hollender .... associate producer
Sean Behrens .... associate producer

Mac Fisken .... Director of Photography
Edgar Gomez .... 1st AC/gaffer
Kate Diliberto .... production designer
Grant Ebert .... art dept support
Alex French .... makeup artist
Jonathan Ho .... sound mixer/boom op
Charlie Sporns .... editor/colorist
Matt Tonneson .... assistant editor
Jordan Balagot .... composer
Nicole Pettigrew .... recording mixer

Jonathan Frey .... production assistant
Jondaniel Cornett .... production assistant
Ryan Hornbeck .... production assistant

Studio Teacher provided by Stella Pacific Management
Location provided by Nadine Sinada and Nate Sinada