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by Arthur M. Jolly

1w, 1m
Running time: 10 mins.

Fallen to the Communists premiere

Nick Desimone as Harvey, photo by Ken Coughlin


HARVEY - A struggling widower, middle aged and old fashioned. Not enough to be remarkable, just enough to strain his understanding of his daughter.

CINDY - 12 or 13. Smart kid, in every way.


Harvey's kitchen, Cindy's bedroom.


A widower copes with his daughters first period.

About Fallen to the Communists

Comedy, 10 min, 1w, 1m

Fallen to the Communists
Nick Desimone as Harvey and Shayna Lawson as Cindy in the TestoGenius Festival premiere, directed by Frank Thomas-Grogan, New York, 2011. Photo by Ken Coughlin.

Fallen to the Communists is a comedy about a widower who talks to his dead wife while trying to cope with his 12 year old daughter growing up and having her first period. I'm pleased with the structure of it - three scenes with nice reversals, all in a ten minute play. The title comes from an English term, roughly equivalent to saying a girl has her Aunt Flo come to visit, or she's fallen off her monthly bicycle or the sharks are circling.

Sample Dialogue...

Fallen to the Communists

Fallen to the Communists premiered in June 2011 at the TestoGenius Festival in New York, at the Manhattan Theatre Source, and was later produced in Oregon at the Randall Theatre, and in Chicago at Studio BE.

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