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by Arthur M. Jolly

9-36 roles.
Running time: 75 mins.


Mrs. Dilber
Chestnut Vendor
Chimney Sweep
Benny Factor
Phil Anne Thropist
Bob Cratchit
Frederick Scrooge
Emily Cratchit
Jaxob (née Jacob) Marley
Belinda Cratchit
Martha Cratchit
Peter Cratchit
Tiny Tim Cratchit
Ghost of Christmas Past
Young Ebenezer
Mean Child
Meaner Child
Young Belle
Scrooge (18)
Belle (18)
Mr. Fezziwig
Mrs. Fezziwig
Cook's Brother
Ghost of Christmas Present
Clarabelicious Two-Poots
Ghost of Christmas Future
Little Match Girl
Dr. Jekyll
Sweet Tiny Tim
Ghost of Christmas Truce


London, 200 Years Ago


Mrs. Dilber - the housekeeper who takes Ebenezer Scrooge’s bedclothes in A Christmas Carol - makes an epic attempt to get some bedcurtains of her own, in spite of a series of ghosts and other diversions, on a night adjacent to the more familiar story.
Mrs Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains

About Mrs. Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains

Comedy, Full Length, Large Cast: 9-36 Actors plus ensemble

A Radio play version is available

Mrs Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains at Loft Ensemble
Mrs Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains premieres in Los Angeles in November, 2022!

A Christmas Carol like you've never seen it!

Mrs. Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains is a new version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - but instead of centering on the old rich guy, it features Mrs. Dilber - the housekeeper who takes the bedclothes and shirt from his still-cooling corpse in the original - and her epic attempt to get some bedcurtains of her own in spite of a series of ghosts and other diversions on a night adjacent to the more familiar story.

Why this play?

I wrote the play because, well, I'm so tired of A Christmas Carol. I mean, I like it - it's a fun play, and I've seen some lovely versions... but I want something a little different. I'm ready for a change, and when I want to see a play that suits my tastes exactly, luckily I have an easy solution. Write it!
It has some of the silly moments of The Lady Demands Satisfaction, actually, even sillier in many places, but with the same elemental core of seriousness - although where Lady dives into gender roles, Mrs. Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains aims squarely at the social inequality that has only gotten worse since Dickens wrote the original.
Once I was into writing it, I started thinking about the fireplace in my childhood home in England. It was an old home - some parts of the house dating back 600 years, but the fireplace in the living room was Victorian. If you leaned your head in with a flashlight and looked up inside the flue, you could see the metal rungs built into the side to allow a small child to climb up inside the chimney with a brush to clean out the choking soot. It's hard to look at something like that today and fathom the careful, planned logic of building metal rungs into the chimney as it was constructed, but there they are.
So yes, this is a comedy - and I think a funny one - but there are some serious elements in there too; and Mrs. Dilber talks about her childhood working in a cotton mill, and the opening line is from a child chimney sweep... that chimney and all it represents was in my mind when I wrote this one.

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Mrs Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains Premieres!

Mrs Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains will premiere in Los Angeles, at Loft Ensemble Theatre in North Hollywood, directed by Tor Brown and Marc Leclerc, and produced by Bree Pavey and Sarah Nilsen.
Loft Ensemble previously produced Long Joan Silver - with Bree Pavey in the title role, and The Lady Demands Satisfaction. This is my third production with them and I am SO EXCITED!
Come see this one!

Mrs Dilbers Fabulous Bedcurtains at Loft Ensemble Theatre

A Radio Play version is also available! Contact me!

Sample Dialogue...

An excerpt from Mrs Dilbers Fabulous Bedcurtains

Mrs. Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains is available from the playwright for production.