Past Saturn

Past Saturn
A ten minute comedy for 5 actors.
Published in the collection AWESOME AMERICA from Next Stage Press. Runtime: 10 minutes
Period: The present
Characters: (2w, 2m, 1 any)
Callie and Harry are out of shape, not dressed for exercise, vacationing tourists who've taken on more than they expected. Gracie and Morris are young, fit, making their athletic wear look sexy. The Ranger is the only one prepared for a blizzard.

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ABOUT Past Saturn

Comedy, 10 min, 2w, 2m, 1 any

Past Saturn
Andrea Stevens in the March 2015 premiere by the Foothills Theatre Company. Photo by Susanne Brasset.

Past Saturn is published by Next Stage Press as part of a collection of four one acts titled AWESOME AMERICA BY ARTHUR M. JOLLY, SCOTT GIBSON, DIANA HOWIE and GENE KATO.

From the publisher's website: "Four plays make up the evening of theatre known as AWESOME AMERICA! - giving audiences a glimpse of our country through stories inspired by real-life roadside attractions. In Arthur M. Jolly's PAST SATURN, we meet a couple whose marriage is on the rocks, a couple hiding an embarrassing secret, a pair of sandals and an unhelpful Park Ranger... what could go wrong on an Alaskan hike in the face of an approaching blizzard?"

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Past Saturn

The play premiered in March of 2015 by the Foothills Theatre Company in Littleton, Colorado. I was there for a wonderful audience talkback session, and a fun time was had by all!

Past Saturn
The March 2015 premiere by the Foothills Theatre Company.
L to R: Andrea Stevens, Christin Mason, C Hidalgo, Jeromy Humphrey. Photo by Rebecca Salomonsson.


This play is available from Next Stage Press.