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Still Waters
A horror play for 2F, 1M
A couple find that the death of their daughter is pulling their marriage apart.

Runtime: 10 minutes
Time: 4:00 am
Setting: A living room

Characters: (1F, 1M)
GABRIELLE - 30's, troubled
RAOUL - Same age, struggling
LITTLE GIRL - a ghost. No lines
The play has not yet been produced.

ABOUT Still Waters

Drama/horror, 10 min, 2F, 1M

Still Waters
Goofing around after an underwater photo shoot for a charity event. Hopefully, I'll be able to replace this photo with one from the premiere of this play - it opens in Australia in May.

"Still Waters" was inspired by a nightmare I had that wasn't even particularly original or different, it was just the nightmare every parent has at some point. Sometimes all you can do to shake it off is to trap it on paper.

In the play, Gabrielle is troubled by haunting dreams after the drowning death of her young daughter. Raoul is equally distraught - but he's also ripped apart by the fact that Gabrielle dreams their daughter is a monster coming to get her. It's a fight between two broken, hurting people lashing out to try and handle their pain.

Upcoming Production!

Still Waters will have its world premiere in Australia, at the Dionysus Theatre's Areté Delta 2018 Theatre Festival , May 3-5th, 2018, at the McClelland College Performing Arts Centre in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

Dionysus Theatre

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Still Waters

This one is available for production from the playwright.

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